Automatic control engineering in plastics processing has increased in significance over the past few years.

Adaptable and at the same time cost-effective plants provide the conditions for manufacturers to be able to adapt to quickly changing market standards and the associated increase the flexibility of your production and simultaneously considerably lower your costs.

Sector installations are becoming increasingly more adaptable: today industrial robots are rapidly replacing linear systems if the emphasis is on adaptable plant design for future tasks.


As a synthetics production enterprise, we support you with the automation of your processes, with or without the integration of robots. An important subject is the modularity of plant design. Our Knowhow is located particularly in the area of injection moulding and also in the development of grip arms or article-specific peripherals.

Six-axle articulated-arm robots considerably extend the range of action of the working processes. They are highly versatile and applicable as adaptable allrounder that require little servicing and which unite the virtues of being able to carry heavy loads whilst remaining quickly and easily programmable. They can assist your company in achieving speedy and precise production processes.

We are constantly pushing ourselves further and bring our own experiences to bear in the automation process, recognize new impulses and procedures and attempt to integrate these experiences into the processes.

If you wish, Krüger Industrieautomation GmbH can work together with you in achieving your own optimum automation solution.