Standard palletising cell

The standard palletising cell PZ 200 is a cost-effective, modular robot cell to automatically stack your produced goods on pallets. No matter whether you have boxes, drums, small load carriers or other types of packaging, the PZ 200 can be used to palletise virtually all types of conventional packaging.


Depending on the application, you can select various robot grippers with a gripping or suction function. Buying a used, refurbished industrial robot means that the PZ 200 will pay for itself in a very short time.


The entire palletising cell is mounted on a base frame and can therefore be moved quickly to various workplaces. A few simple steps is all it takes to connect an upstream packaging system to the palletising cell.


The integrated pallet magazine holds up to ten pallets. If required, the robot can automatically remove a pallet and feed this into the packaging process.


Alternatively, individual pallets can also be sent via a separate roller conveyor. A storage magazine is also available as an additional option for slip sheets.