New Segments

Our experience from the consumer goods industry, the glass and wood industry as well as the renewable energy sector shows how much variety we can provide for your automation processes, both with or without the integration of robots.

In the area of handling processes in particular, process optimization is worthwhile with the application of adaptable robots. Here they reliably relieve stress on personnel and machines which have to cope with challenging tasks, for example, processes involving loading and uploading, stacking, confectioning and palletizing, as well as quality controls without human support. Sawing, planning, drilling and coating processes are no longer a problem of modern robots.

They are versatile and applicable as adaptable allrounders which require little servicing and which unite the virtues of being able to carry heavy loads whilst remaining quickly and easily programmable. They can assist your company in achieving speedy and precise production processes.

We are constantly pushing ourselves further and bring our own experiences to bear in the automation process, recognize new impulses and procedures and attempt to integrate these experiences into the processes, for example, in the development of the grip arm or article specific peripherals.

If you wish, Krüger Industrieautomation GmbH can work together with you in achieving your own optimum automation solution. With our cost-effective used robots we can show you how to increase flexibility in production and at the same time lower your costs considerably.