Usually there is no imagination of what the work of a construction designer belongs to. Everything you can buy has already been technically drawn. There is a technical consideration behind every drawing.

Designers are the ones who design things, systems and machines. They use physical and chemical principles, as well as spatial structures, materials and forms within their design scope. Finished and proven assemblies are also used. The further procedure then depends on their feeling for the later functioning and engineering aids.

Practical construction work has nothing to do with science. However, scientific findings from materials science, chemistry, physics, physiology and psychology are a great support! If these scientific findings are understood, a lot of work and possible setbacks can be spared.

The construction needs teachers and experience, because obviously there is not the ONE best solution. There is no point in constructing recipes without a feeling of experience and intuition. A computer cannot take over creativity and intuition on its own. Intuition cannot be conveyed and it is not verifiable.

The designers of Krüger Industrieautomation GmbH work with the latest software, experience and intuition in order to implement the needs and work requirements of their customers efficiently and optimally.